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Gator Gear Apparel Logo 3.jpg

Gator Gear was opened nearly 10 years ago by the GVHS Counselors to raise scholarship money for Green Valley students.


 In 2013, two Entrepreneurship I students created a comprehensive business plan to achieve their goal which was to expand the business program to an independent store front. In a "Shark Tank" environment, the students presented their concept and a partnership was created!


In 2014 Best, Inc. partnered with the counselors to assume responsibility for marketing and managing the GVHS Student Store, known as Gator Gear. The store is located in the cafeteria and is run by Entrepreneur II class students.

Today we are open in person in the cafeteria Tuesday- Friday during both lunches. We are now also offering online shopping where we have new and unique products that you can order from the comfort of your home! Visit us at


Proceeds for the store will continue to benefit the Scholarship Program and students are proud of their efforts as they exceed the expectations of students, staff, teachers, and parents at GVHS.

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